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Bento Collection


Like all obsessed people, I love talking about the object of my affection and showing off my prizes. I’ve been collecting bento & bento accessories for 17 years, and packing bento even longer and I’ll be using this page to catalog my treasures. 🙂

The Collection

#01: Green Hissy Cat


The first is this sweet olive green Femmio Valentino (with kitties!) that I bought myself for my birthday a few years back. I call this adorable kitty Hissy Cat, just because it sounds cute. It came with chopsticks and a little chopstick cover, a bag and a single layer.

#02: Green Fan


This is my newest bento, a gift from my boyfriend as a late birthday, early Solstice present. It’s green and cream colored, decorated with a fan. The bento has two layers with a belt and chopsticks in a slide-to-open lucky clover container. No bag (but I do plan on getting a Totoro bag for it, as the colors look like they’d match!)

#03: Pink Hello Kitty Onigiri


My next is my only Hello Kitty bento, which is a real shame because I love Hello Kitty. It’s a strawberry milk color (a lovely light, but sharp pink) that’s semi translucent with a faint glitter to it. It’s a small onigiri bento, hence the triangular lid and little tray for the second level (for triangular-shaped onigiri, it came with an onigiri mold which I’ll take a pic of later). It’s the only Sanrio bento I own, and it was one of the priciest I’ve bought, but it was worth it. Hello Kitty just makes me smile!

#04: Green & White Lunch Pot


I got this as a present from my bestie which, I believe, she got from a health food place in San Francisco. It’s a green and white vacuum sealed Lunch Pot bento, the only one I have of it’s kind – isn’t it awesome? I have yet to use it

#05: Red & Pink Kimono Chirimen


Probably my favorite of all is a multicolored bento with a chirimen blossom pattern in the Valentine hues given to me by my amazing boyfriend for Yule a few years back. It has a chopsticks in their own hard case (the chopsticks are a dark wood, hard to see in these awful pictures!) and both cases have their own red elastic belt. It’s a two-tier bento with no dividers and a lovely matching kimono-print bag. *hugs it forever*

#06: Blue Bonjour! Birdie


I nabbed this on eBay on a whim for only two bucks! It’s sunshine yellow and soft sky blue with adorable little birdies on top. Two tier, no dividers, no bag or chopsticks but I think I’ll be making a purchase for it soon. 🙂

#07: Blue & White Car Race


Bought from a seller on tumblr, adorable two-bento set featuring a car race theme that came with a little fork! The square container is single tier and has a rubber seal and side flap/snap closures and the longer bento is a two tier with no dividers or bag and one of those lids that allows you to carry your chopsticks securely. The fork is my favorite part, it reminds me of Usaki stealing a potato out of a friend’s bento in PGSM! The fork came with it’s own hard case but unfortunately it arrived broken – pity, I haven’t been able to find another one. :'(

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