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Bento Box: Blue Usagi

Another pretty Usagi floral bento! This one’s a Skater brand bento and has a matching bag and chopsticks (plus a nifty divider system) — one of two Skater bentos I bought for myself a few months back. Check out the pics over on the Bento Collection!

Bento: Sets

Bento Box: Red Usagi

I’ve always had big love for Usagi patterns, specifically bunnies looking up at the moon or bunnies scampering through tall grass. This is the second red bunny bento I’ve had, the first was lost a few years back. Ain’t she pretty? See more photos on the Bento Collection page!

Bento: Sets, Photos

Bento Box: Umami

My first new bento in quite a long time, but it’s one I’d wanted since I first saw it. The Umami bento sets can be kinda pricy, so when I saw this white with blonde wood grain set on sale, I nabbed it! I haven’t had a chance to play with it just yet, since […]